Saturday, 19 March 2011

Nuthatch [Free Pattern]

So, as promised in my previous post, here is the pattern for my new granny square, named "Nuthatch" in honour of this month's British Birds calender page (an awesome calendar). 

Nuthatch [Free Pattern]

I used a 4mm hook and DK weight yarn.  The pattern is written using US terms (however if you prefer UK-speak, there is a handy conversion chart here).

Sp = Space
Sl St = Slip stitch
Ch = Chain
Sc = Single crochet
Hdc = Half double crochet
Dc = Double crochet

Round 1
Create a magic loop (I really like this tutorial for the magic loop).  Into this, work 4sc loosely  Join with a sl st

Round 2
Ch1, 2sc into all sts, join with a sl st (8)

Round 3
Ch2 (counts as first dc), dc into same sp, 2dc into each sp around, join with sl st (16)

Round 4
Join a new colour into the same space:

...Ch2 (counts as first dc), 3dc into the same sp, Ch1.  *Skip 1 st, 4dc into next st, Ch1*  Repeat between * 7 times.  Join with sl st into top of initial Ch2

Round 5
Change colour - join new colour into any Ch1 sp.  Ch2 (counts as first dc), 2dc into same sp:

...Ch1, skip next sp, sc, skip next st, 3dc into next Ch1 sp, Ch1:

...Continue working (1sc, ch1, 3dc, ch1) around.  Join with sl st into top of initial ch2:

Round 6
Change colour.  Join new colour into any Ch1 sp which comes immediately after a 3dc cluster:

Do not chain.  Work 2sc into this sp, and 2sc into the next Ch1 sp: 1sc into each of the next two sts:

...3dc into the next Ch1 sp, ch1, then work 3dc into the next Ch1 sp:

...*work 1sc into each of the next two sps, 2sc into each of the next two Ch1 sps, 1sc into each of the next 2 sps, 3dc into next Ch1 sp, Ch1, 3dc into next Ch1 sp*.  Repeat between * until you have 4 corners, 1sc into next 2 sps.  Join with a sl st.

Round 7
Ch1, sc into the next 7 sts, 1hdc into the next st.  *Into the corner Ch1 sp, work (1dc, Ch1, 1dc):

...Into the next sp, work 1hdc, and then 11sc along the row, and 1hdc into the 12th st.*  Repeat between * until all 4 corners are completed, then work 1sc into each of the next 2 sts.  Join with a sl st.

You may like to work in your ends as you go (this is defs much easier and simpler), however I prefer to wait and then sew them all in with a tapestry needle, mainly because I worry about the ends working loose over time.  It is of course entirely up to you which method you choose - I'm probably being over cautious.

And there you have it!  One Nuthatch square finished!  :D  I have a few blocking at the moment - hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to show you how I'm going to use them :)

Hope you enjoy the pattern!  If you want to add to your Ravelry queue, you can do so here.

Much love,


lovestitch said...

Such a great tutorial! I love the pattern so much! Thanks for sharing!!! x

R0SEDEW said...

Very easy to make! Very pretty! Love it! Thanks!

Inthesky said...

This is a very pretty little square I tried something like this myself a few weeks back, they are in hibernation!! Yours look so neat mine look a bit scruffy. Story of my life, Scruffy should be my middle name :) Very clear tutorial - looks foolproof!

Sara said...

Ohh... I love this new square! Linking up at next week. Lots of granny square inspiration coming up in the next few days. Thanks so much for sharing this. Its beautiful!

Gillian said...

This is a very beautiful square, thank you so much for sharing the pattern :)

Hazel said...

What an inspiring blog you have - I used to do a lot of crocheting (you might even have prompted me to take it up again). Thanks for your kind comment left on our Salt blog. x

mamaluke said...

Thank you for popping over at Salt, youhave a beautiful blog, will be following you :) Just so happened I picked up my crochet this week, partly inspired by the Attic24 blog too! I'm making the tirangle bunting as featured here...

Josie said...

Thank you so very much for the pattern, it's generous of you! I'm definitely going to try this as I LOVE grannies. How great to have found your lovely blog. Happy Spring :-)

needlekrafter said...

such beautiful colors! thanks for sharing this pretty pattern. :)

Casey said...

beautiful square & you used beautiful colors together!

Nimblefingerssteadyeyebrows said...

Lovely pattern, thanks for sharing. I'm making a big granny at the moment for a stool cover, but always on the lookout for new patterns! Thanks for visiting. Laura x

Gumbo Lily said...

I really adore this granny square. And the name too. If only I could crochet, I'd make me some nuthatches.


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kim, I gave you an Award. Check it out on my blog. You have such a great blog and you are new Too!! I hope you get lots of new followers! xoRobin❤

theresasthisnthat said...

Thank you for your beautiful pattern! I found you on another crochet blog today. Love the color combo too! I don't know why I have such a hard time with Granny Squares, but maybe with your detailed stitch count labeled on your photos, it will help me finally! LOL I think what I'm doing wrong is the stitch counts per round compared to the pattern.

Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...


I've featured your beautiful square pattern on my blog today! Go take a look if you have a chance!

Have a great weekend!!


mamaluke said...

Hi Kim, I am so sorry but I've deleted your comment on Salt by accident! Please do pop by again and say hi as I can't figure out how to get your comment back again! I made your square today, it's so cute, thank you for sharing xx

Kasia said...

This is fantastic! My crochet skills are very limited but I'm willing to learn. Thank you so much for sharing!

Eloisa said...

I love it. Wonderful colors!!!

beautifulaura said...

So cute! How big is this square?

Kim said...

Hey Beautifulaura,

The block measures roughly 4inches (10cm) after blocking. If you wanted to keep going to the standard 6inches, then some people have been adding a couple of rounds of single crochet until they get the size they're after.

Hope this helps,

Marjo said...

Lovely blog !

I'm going to follow you're blog


Amy said...

Hi Kim! I really like this square! I've just started a 30 day square challenge and I just made/blogged about this one. Here's the link if you want to check it out
It's a wonderful pattern!


K.I.S.S. Home said...

I LOVE this tutorial! It was so easy.
I like to work in sections so I have started with the rounds, I have made 6 (really only 5 because I only did 3 dc's every other stitch on the second round so I need to remake that one...OOPS!)
I am a beginner and thought this was too easy to be possible...but it IS possible.
THANKS so much!

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Jacqueline said...

Bedankt voor je duidelijke tutorial!
Ik heb een link naar je blog geplaatst op

Kim Tanner said...

I LOVE the colors you've used in this square. So pretty.

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Tutorials very seriously, carefully. Thank you for sharing. 've Seen my mother took crochet, I never won. Maybe you can try. I was a bit stupid, so we joke. Greetings

webe4angels said...

Thank you so much for taking all the time in the detailed pictures.
I will be sharing you site with all my friends that are new to crocheting.
They will deeply appreciated all your time you put into your pattern.
Again thanks so much!!! =)

Kathy Valentine said...

Beautiful ! Thanks for all your hard work in this tutorial. It's perfect! Love your colors, amazing blog. Thanks again