Thursday, 22 March 2012

More Socks

Oh dear - it's happened!  I'm in love with socks!


This is the first of my pair of Harvest Dew socks (the design is by Rose Hiver - and even if you don't usually click on links, click on this one - it's a page of pure sock-based beauty, I tell you!!).

I cast on the second of the pair straight after taking this photo.  And if you know me and my tendency towards 'second-ANYTHING syndrome', you'll know that this is praise indeed!

I've been following moogsmum's lead and making the small size using some Regia 6 ply.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!  The pattern and the yarn go together wonderfully.  So so sad to discover that the 6ply has now been discontinued.  Luckily it's pay day soon, so I'll be able to buy up as much stock as I can before it all disappears... ;)

So.  A question.  Now that I've been bitten by the sock bug I can ask: what's your absolute favourite sock pattern ever?


Friday, 9 March 2012

"Simple" Sock Shocker!

...or "Why You Shouldn't Listen to Other People All That Often"


They're finally finished!

Well, actually I have a confession.  Followers on twitter (there's a link over there --> if you'd like in on this sort of hot-off-the-press action!) will already know that I actually finished these last week.  Dunno what's put me off blogging about them...

So, what was it like making my first proper actual pair of socks (as opposed to the lonely, tatty numbers I usually end up with)?

It was, er, uneventful.

Hmm, that's not fair.  I liked knitting them.  I enjoy wearing them, and I ADORE the colours.  But, meh.  This sort of project just really isn't for me it seems.  No bother.

But I've been inspired by the lovely katyja who normally knits her socks top-down on dpns, but is currently making a pair toe-up using magic loop.

Time to mix things up!  She's given me a simple top-down, heel flap pattern to try and I. AM. LOVING. IT!!

Turns out that for all that time I was feeling pretty lethargic about knitted footwear, it was actually the construction I had issues with!  So the moral of my little tale is that when someone says "oh, but this is the ABSOLUTE best/easiest/most efficient way to do them!" - ignore them completely.  Hardly a new knitting moral (and it beats me why I clung onto it so long in this case), but one worth repeating.

I don't have any pics of the new socks yet, but expect some soon - they are flying by!

Kim x