Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yarns and the Farm

I must say a big thank you to everyone who replied to my last post with such kind words of encouragement.  Reading through all the responses really made me determined to get on with the scarf - just look at it now!!

I'm so happy now with how it's growing.  I think perhaps it might end up a cowl rather than a scarf, but you guys have saved it from almost certain doom!


Once I got the feeling back for knitting, it also gave me a little nudge crochet-wise too.  As you can see from the top photos, I've been grannying away with a ball of Zauberball just as a "mindless" distraction really.  I don't know yet where it's going, but I'm enjoying the process immensely :)

It seems I have a thing at the moment for self-striping and variagated yarns, doesn't it?  Perhaps it's an antedote to the sameness of the scarf?  I got this lover-ly ball of handspun from friends of my parents who have stalls at the summer festivals here in Portugal.  There were so many colours to choose from, but eventually I settled on the pinks.  You can't really see from the photos, but it's both earthy and neon - very cool (and cost only 2,50€)!  You can visit Scott and Lynne's website here.

Since I hadn't done much designing recently, I played around with the yarn and edged my way towards a new pattern...

Not quite perfect yet, and I'm not sure what it is (a coaster, a potholder, a block for a blanket??), but I'm going to edit and write up the pattern so I can share it with all of you lovely folks soon :)


Elsewhere in life it's been busy busy on the farm...

There's plenty of jam-making and chutney-ing and apple-peeling to be done.  Plus pigs and cats and hens and rabbits to keep an eye on!  It's fun and tiring and hot, but we do get some time free...

Last week we headed up into the mountains (well, higher into the mountains than we already are!).  Just look at those views!!  Stunning

Until next time!

Much love,

Friday, 22 July 2011

Frosty Feelings for Frost Flowers...

Guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle...  I've been trying to decide whether or not I should carry on knitting the red "Amelia Scarf".  I absolutely adore the finished pattern, and all the scarves I've seen on Rav, but I'm ready to admit it: Frost Flowers is driving me NUTS!  It's just so unbearably  s l o w  and  fIDdLy  and just - argh!

These two pictures were taken about a month apart, so it definitely is growing!  Perhaps I'm being a little unfair - this is the most complicated pattern I've ever attempted.  And true, if ever anything was in dire need of a blocking it's this, so perhaps I'm not appreciating the pattern as much as I should... 

What do you guys think?  Do you find it's ever worth persisting with a project to get to the FO, or is it all about enjoying the WIP?

Kim x

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Bom Dia!

Ola from Portugal!  :D

Well I finally got here, after a few long days of travelling.  It's been well worth it though, because I'm now safe and sound and settled down on my parent's smallholding.  After a few days rest I've got stuck in with some good honest farming!  Unfortunately I've not had chance to upload any new photos yet, but I thought I'd share some from previous years...

So far there's been plenty of weeding...

...which isn't so bad when the views are so great!  This is our view from the house into the village.

When the hens stopped laying, I made them a lovely motivational poster for their shed.  I'd like to say it worked, but I'm pretty sure they just pecked holes in it...

One of my favourite things in the world is to be out on the field among the olive trees.  It's so peaceful with just the sound of the birds and the animals that it's impossible not to feel relaxed.

Last year the temperatures were almost too much to deal with.  Thankfully they've not reached quite the same high numbers yet this year!

I think this week we're going to be logging some of the eucalyptus trees so that they can dry ready for winter's firewood.  I've already been out this week picking up pinecones to store, as they make excellent fire lighters!

So hopefully I'll be able to keep you all updated on what we're up to on the farm this summer - including how mum progresses with learning to crochet (she showed me the pattern she'd like to do, and we ordered our yarn last night, so that's got me very excited indeed!!).  She would also like me to thank you all for your advice on teaching lefties - I'll let you know how it works out!!

Much love
Kim x