Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blank Canvas

It's another gloomy grey day out in North Wales...  luckily I have my orchid to cheer things up.  Those pink freckles are just so happy-making!

...another thing to be happy about: the granny stripe leftovers have been organised into complementary palettes as above, and been assigned to Specific Projects....

...which is where the blank canvas comes in.  I bought this pillow a few weeks ago in Lidl for just a couple of quid, and have been itching to work on a cover for it ever since.  The Rico and Patons leftovers seem like the ideal choice - I'll have a pillow that compliments, but doesn't match, my granny stripe.  Perfect! :)

And the extra exciting thing about this project is that I've written a new pattern especially to suit the yarn and the squareness of the pillow.  There are just a couple of tweaks to make, and if all goes well with this project, the pattern will be ready to share with you all!  :D

In other news, I'm now well underway with preparations for Blog Week.  This is my first time participating, but I'm very much looking forward to it.  If you'd like more info about what happens in blog week, and how to get involved, you can click on the little poster at the top of this page.

Anyhow, enough waffle from me, time to get back to some hooking!

Kim x

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