Thursday, 17 February 2011


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I've had so many lovely, encouraging comments about the sketches in this blog, that I thought I would dedicate a full post to sharing some more...

I'm afraid that I've not a clue how to reply to your comments directly (or even if that's possible...?), but I do read and appreciate them all...


I don't have any sketches framed (although perhaps I should think about it), but I do sometimes blu tack some to the wall.  The rest stay in the sketchbook or folder.

It made me laugh that upon encountering this sketch at a university exhibition, the Mayoress of Bangor had absolutely no idea what it was meant to be (she even held it upside down for quite some time).  I decided to call it "Mystery Fish" in her honour.



The pictures of animals tend to come from photography in the National Geographic.  I did the life drawings as part of the University Art Society which I helped to run, and the flowers either come from real life, photos or brain-doodles.

Unlike knitting or crochet, I find that sketching can sometimes be a bit frustrating because it's not always possible to acheive the exact effect I'm going for.  But when I'm in the "zone", I think it's probably my favourite hobby of all.  :)

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Gumbo Lily said...

I really do love your "scribbles." They are FAR more than scribbles, but if you insist!

Keep drawing. These are truly lovely.