Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Grannies, Tulips & Butterflies

I'll admit that granny was having a bit of a snooze (no progress for more than a week!!), but as soon as I re-started, I was - as they say - hooked all over again.  ;)

It's currently 41 stripes long (82 rows!  Golly gosh), and only something like 19 stripes to go before it's border time!  Oooh, it makes me soooo happy happy happy :D

But, happiest of all is that the granny-bug has bitten not one, but TWO of my housemates!  Both came and requested I teach them the basics so they could start on granny stripes of their own.  I'll have to ask their permission to take photos, but they're both looking lovely.  Only one more housemate to convert *ahem* inspire...


Tulips are without doubt one of my favourite flowers.  These turned up on Valentines Day, during our anti-anti-valentines/embrace-your-singledom celebrations.  I expect that they'll show up in a few doodles later when I get round to scribbling down some ideas.

The trouble is that there are just so many ideas fluttering around my brain like little butterflies at the moment.  That's how my art teacher used to describe my thinking: "a butterfly mind". 

It's not a terrible thing in and of itself.  If anything, it makes me happy because at my lowest points my imagination disappeared completely and that was a terrifying thing to feel.  But having so many thoughts; images; colours; strands of sound at one time, it becomes exactly like trying to catch a cloud of butterflies: they don't want to be stuck down and tamed.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining though.  I try to embrace these periods - they make me feel well again :)


Gumbo Lily said...

I absolutely adore your granny afghan. Love it! You are an inspiration to us all in your creativity. I'm glad you have butterfly wings to fly from "flower to flower" and create new life.

Do you frame everything you draw or do you keep them in a sketch book? I like your style.


KnittingPony said...

What a lovely granny stripe - such great colours! It's a very pleasing stitch for stripes. I love your drawing style so much- stunning.

Melissa~ said...

Oh, tulips are my favorite as well. I love your "cloud of butterflies" phrase. I have that all the time. Thank goodness for pencil and paper or I would never remember it all!

Your sketches are so beautiful Kim. You are an amazing artist. So glad to find your blog and get to know you. :)

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints