Thursday, 26 April 2012

Photograph Challenge

...or 3KCBWDAY2

YES: it is blog week!  I'm slightly behind schedule (ahem), so I'm not sure whether this will count as an entry for the competitions going on or not, but I figured I'd post it anyway :)

You possibly already know that I live in the Wilderness (well, Anglesey), and that the field directly outside my house is populated by lovely lovely sheep.  I was out trying to juxtapose the sheep with some handspun merino (and failing, mostly because sheep refuse to pose for the camera) when I spotted something UNBELIEVABLE!  Honestly, when this goes live, I fully expect Attenborough to be on the phone.

Well, maybe Chris Packham at least.

A real life Mini-Merino IN THE WILD!  Golly!

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Knitting Nix said...

LOL, good picture, you made me laugh.