Thursday, 22 March 2012

More Socks

Oh dear - it's happened!  I'm in love with socks!


This is the first of my pair of Harvest Dew socks (the design is by Rose Hiver - and even if you don't usually click on links, click on this one - it's a page of pure sock-based beauty, I tell you!!).

I cast on the second of the pair straight after taking this photo.  And if you know me and my tendency towards 'second-ANYTHING syndrome', you'll know that this is praise indeed!

I've been following moogsmum's lead and making the small size using some Regia 6 ply.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!  The pattern and the yarn go together wonderfully.  So so sad to discover that the 6ply has now been discontinued.  Luckily it's pay day soon, so I'll be able to buy up as much stock as I can before it all disappears... ;)

So.  A question.  Now that I've been bitten by the sock bug I can ask: what's your absolute favourite sock pattern ever?



Nicole said...

Super socks! I really like the colourway, very autumnal indeed :-) x

pip said...

Hi Kim, You've won the Giveaway on my blog :D I just need your address to send it to.... you can send it through the message page of the webshop or dm me through twitter. Pip
ps Love the socks :)

Kris Van Allen said...

A latecomer to your blog, but I will be back!

Jaywalker. Hands down.