Thursday, 26 April 2012

Your Knitting Or Crochet Hero

... or KCBWDAY3 (I'm catching up, ever so slowly!)


"Oh bother," Pooh Bear said.


There are just so many nominations for this one.

For starters, there's Lucy at attic24 who has A LOT going for her.  She's great - check out the link if you've not already visited her blog.

There are also all of the lovely ladies on my Rav friends list (who you can wave at from here).  They're my heroes not only because they're awesome crafters in their own rights, but also because they're also there with tons of moral support and encouragement when things like lacework have driven me to the brink of unnescessary frogging!

And then there's all of the brill stuff I find when playing "Rav Roulette" (if you've never played this: start a project search, and then mess with the search parameters at random, you will almost certainly find something breathtaking to look at).  To date, the absolute winner of this game has GOT to be this:

holofernes' "Journey to the Other End of My Stash"
 But, hard as it might be to pick a single one out of the 100s of talented folks out there, my actual craft hero is a properly easy choice.

I know a 9 year old who knits, crochets, dyes and plies like a pro.  When I last saw her, she completely blew my mind with her mad skills on the spinning wheel.  I figured she must have had loads of practice, but when I asked:

"Oh, I started about a week ago..."


She is my real wool hero - an incredibly talented young lady, with a wonderful knack for ignoring the scarier parts of learning something new in favour of simply just enjoying it.  A lesson for us all I think!

[Also, if you want to check out some pics of her spinning - have a look on the Llyn Guild's blog - just prepare to be gobsmacked! :P]


Kate said...

She's amazing (and depressing if you're a newbie spinner who's - oh, older than 9, cough, cough). And just imagine what she's going to be doing with a few more years... wow.

Ok, I'm off to practice my spinning now, gotta catch up...

Vero said...

guau!!que bello vestido!!!!amor y paz para vos!!