Monday, 23 January 2012

Caribbean Custard


I have an issue with knitting them that I really can't fathom.  When I look at it logically, they're just a pair of mitts with one less opening.  But while I LOVE making mitts, making socks has always seemed at bit of an ordeal.  Strange, no?

Well anyway, here I am - socks on the circs and I'm getting there!  Who knows whether this will be another loner sock destined only to be worn when I can't find anything else.  I admit it - I do sometimes wear one shop-bought, one-handmade sock.  I'm not proud.  BUT, this will be the turning point.  Right here.  No more sock-neglect.  My toes deserve better!!

Plus, the combo of the colourways "Caribbean" for the blue and "Custard" for the yellow is enough to keep me entertained all by itself!


Inthesky said...

Caribbean Custard, love it!

Svala said...

Just sumbled over your blog. Nice! I suck at knitting... or actually I just don't get bitten by it. But I love to see colourful knitts with very clever names like Caribbean Custard so I'll definitly come back!

Inthesky said...

I have nominated you for a 'Blog Award' read about it here:
Hope you have fun with it :)

Kashi said...

That is really pretty, the two colors go well together.

Amy said...

I love the colors!