Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Yesterday was a mixed sort of day.  Yes, I did finish off the second mitt I've been working on, but I did also set off the fire alarm in the process (long story, but what I will say is that when the fire alarm klaxon starts a-hooting, it's best not to vacate the building still with knitting in hand...).

Anyway, once the alarms were turned off, I was free to set about taking photos of the finished pair from every possible angle.  I love taking photos of FOs (I'm resisting being very sad and writing FOtos)- aside from being able to finally wear them, it's perhaps my favourite part of the process!

I'm going attempt to put the pattern in for testing today (if you'd like to test knit this pattern, keep your eye on the Free Pattern Testers group on Rav), and then hopefully it should be ready to publish by early December - just in time for a Christmassy knit ("Nadolig" is Welsh for Christmas, it's almost like I planned it! :P)

Have any of you read this book by Alice Starmore?  It arrived in the post yesterday and I've been dipping in and out inbetween knitting.  So far I'm VERY impressed.  The introduction alone could be its own book - a history of the Shetlands (Fair Isle in particular) and theories about how Fair Isle knitting first came about - it's all very much speaking to my inner geek ;)

It's a bit freaky how much I'm getting into all this - I'm seeing inspiration for Fair Isle everywhere!!  Next time, I plan to share with you some of the things I'm using as inspiration for colourwork designs.  I just need to remember to bring the camera out with me!!

Kim x


KnittingPony said...

Wow those mitts are GORGEOUS! I love them!

Josh Healy said...

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omlair said...

such a great pattern. I need to skill up before i try something like that though!

Conny's Cottage said...


that is sooo gorgeous .great job.

greatings send you Conny