Thursday, 13 October 2011

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

In honour of World Mental Health Day, Rosie-Posie is having a week-long blog party.  Combining people's stories, recipes for delish cakes, and resources for mental health wellbeing and awareness is such a fab idea, I really can't believe I didn't think of it myself!

Fortunately, Rosie offered me the chance to get involved by writing up my own story.  It sort of follows on from the post I made a couple of weeks ago about creativity and mental health, and reflects on my experiences with the two.  If you like, you can read my guest post here.


I'll be back again soon with updates on what I've been up to recently (by way of a preview, I spent all yesterday with my designing hat on... not that I have a designing-specific hat, but now that you mention it that is a brill idea!... aaaaand, shock horror, it wasn't crochet I was designing, but knitting!!)

So, as soon as I've found some suitable mustard coloured yarn, I'll be back here to show you my progress!  Until then, keep well :)

Much love,


Inthesky said...

Good luck with the Mustard yarn hunt, I found your post very interesting :)x

rosieposie said...

oh thanks for writing about my blog-party! was lovely to have you a part of it :-) x