Friday, 21 October 2011

Patterns Patterns Patterns

Oh blimey I'm excited.  Very VERY excited in fact.  I've been promising it for a while, and leaving you teensy tiny clues here and there.  But today my newest pattern is FINALLY ready for testing!

Check it out:

Honeycomb fingerless mitts!  I'm actually quite shocked at how well they worked out.  This is my first glove design using anything more complicated than stockinette stitch.

The pattern will be released soon (look forward to another bout of giddiness when that happens!), but for now I've just put the pattern up for testing on Ravelry's Free Testers group.  If you'd like to test knit these, you can do so by following the link!

That's all for now - I already have a few ideas buzzing around for my next project which are shouting out to be noted down before they're forgotten!

Kim x


Tickety-boo said...

They look fantastic!You are so clever. What yarn have you used? I have been looking for that colour everywhere!

Inthesky said...

They are gorgeous and I love the nail varnish too. :)

Kim said...

Tickety Boo - Thanks! The yarn is the Knit Picks Palette (in Turmeric shade) that I blogged about in my last post. I really recommend it - it's an awesome yarn to work with :)

Lucy - Thank you! I love the varnish too (a bargain from H&M!). According to our local bus driver it clashes with my hair though!! Haha


Murder said...

fabulous, thank you so much, look so fun to make. xoRobin❤