Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hip Hip Hurray!

Guess what?!  I’ve only gone and cracked it!  Well, I think so.  What do you reckon?

I’m feeling pretty proud of what I’ve decided to call my First Proper Handspun :)  Although it’s anyone’s guess what I might actually make with it.  There’s about 50m of merino though, so perhaps these cute little butterflies might be the perfect use?

So far I’ve been using my Ashford “beginner’s” spindle to spin, which is pretty heavy.  When I bought it, I didn’t know whether I’d get into spinning or not and I had no idea about weights or other specifications, so I went (as all beginners do) for something cheap and simple.  Even though I’m still very new to spinning, I’ve grown pretty fond of my spindle – I’m getting used to the way it drops, the amount of spin needed, the general “feel” of it.

All of this is of course a Very Good Sign.  I’m glad that I find such pleasure in another part of the wool-making process.  I’m also taking it as a good sign that I’m still hankering after some of the more ornate and elaborate spindles out there.  Like this and this and this.  Beautiful aren’t they?  I can’t wait until I have enough spinning experience to justify owning such handsome tools.

But actually, that’s not entirely true, because during the course of my lusting after artistic spindles, I stumbled upon a giveaway by The Woolery on Facebook.  Up for grabs was an impossibly beautiful Butterfly Girl spindle.  All I needed to do was to leave a comment saying what I’d spin if I won.  Nothing to lose, I thought.  I already have some BFL waiting patiently, and I’d been thinking of ordering some Wensleydale.  I left my comment, and thought nothing more of it, until I got an email informing me that I’d won!  Goodness knows what it must have been like to live with me over the next week or so while I waited ever so (im)patiently for the delivery.  But it was worth it.  Just look:

It’s absolutely lovely, but so SO different to the Ashford.  Mind you, even if I never get the hang of using it properly, it’ll be enough for me just to have it on display!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh it's BeaUtiFUL!!!! I love what you have done. Good for you. Love your new spindle, soooo pretty.
Happy spinning! xorobin❤

Anonymous said...

That is just gorgeous! I'm a newbie spinner too - wheel, though, not spindle - haven't got that going yet - and I'm very envious of the evenness of your yarn... congratulations!

Inthesky said...

looks lovely and butterflies would be perfect :)

winkieflash said...

Oh my! Your spinning looks divine! Good job! :)