Tuesday, 24 May 2011

An update from eggbird

Since I've been a tad quiet recently blogwise, I figured I'd pop by and give you a little eggbird update :)

This afternoon, I've been working away on a new crochet pattern inspired by the design in the bottom right hand corner on this page.  For some reason, I started with a bit of a collage using scraps of fabric (MUCH recommended for the fun-factor by the way!) and sort of went from there.

The pattern isn't quite right yet, but it should be ready soon - looking forward to sharing it with you all :)

Since last posting, I've finished and blocked the Tilting Tardises...

...sadly, very very sadly, it's come out a bit too short.  Well, saying that, perhaps really it's just an average size, but I don't like to have scarves too tightly wrapped.  Still, it's a lovely pattern, and I have a few ideas about what I'll use this FO for instead - more on that soon :)

Once the Tardises were finished, I set sail on the Frost Flowers scarf.  Boy-oh-boy it's been slow going!!  This is what I have to show for approx 2 weeks...  on the plus side, at this rate it's gonna be ready for winter and that's the main thing! 
Image from wikipedia

Recently I've really been getting back into reading again, and making great use of the library in town.  At the moment I'm partway through Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger as well as a book about Houdini.  Both are brill.

If you have any book recommendations, I'd love to hear them.  I've been stocking up on things to read over the summer and it'd be great to hear some suggestions :)

Much love,
Kim x


Tickety-boo said...

Oh no! Too short! That sucks. Love the red lace though looks like a pair of saucy knicks at the mo from that photo ;o) but lovely and very complex.

Inthesky said...

love your knitting, it's beautiful. Your collage looks fun too, very creative and intriguing...I have lost my knitting mojo, I will have to get it back! I inspired you with crochet socks and you have inspired me with knitting, a very fair swap I would say :) x

Ashley said...

Oh no... thats so annoying about the scarf. I'm the same with scarfs... I don't like them too tight. You must have been a tad dissappointed after all that hard work..! It does look gorgeous though, the colour is lovely.

Ashley xxx

Anonymous said...

Today I received my first 'Blog Award' part of it involves passing it on. I always enjoy your blog posts and find them inspirational, so you are one of my chosen few.
Inthesky :)

Sandra said...

Hi, I love your blog and I've just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Details on my blog.

S x

Inthesky said...

I am having a little 'Give Away' on my Blog to celebrate 20 000 page views. I haven't seen you there yet :) There is a Crochet Sock Book up for grabs...just leave a comment to be in the draw. Hope you are keeping busy, see you soon in cyberspace x