Thursday, 5 May 2011

Time to Knit

First off, thank you so so much for all of your lovely comments on the Psycho Delia ta-dah.  I don't always get chance to reply to everyone (in fact, I have a very bad track record on that front!), but I do read and appreciate every single one of them.  Thank you!!

After Delia was finished, I had a couple of "days off" craft-wise.  I was astonished at how antsy and irritable I got.  After the second day I was more forgetful than usual, feeling a bit confused and restless...  I knew that crochet and crafting in general had become something of a therapy (I honestly think it should be suggested as a relaxation technique to anyone with anxiety disorder or similar), but I hadn't realised quite how much.  Maybe it was all just coincidence, but it certainly feels very nice to have some needles back in my hands!!

Yesterday I cast on the Tilting Tardis Cowl.  It's satisfying both my urge to knit and my obsession love of Doctor Who :P

You can probably see where I went a tad wrong on the first repeat...  I've not knit since finishing the Potty Potter hat and it kind of shows, but oh well - I'll just overlap the cowl the other way when I wear it and you won't be able to see ;)


Going through my memory card the other day I realised that I seem to have a backlog of photos building up.  It's pretty dull here in Bangor today, so I thought I'd remind myself of how lovely it's been by sharing some recent pics with you :)

Lovely stuff!

Kim x


Sara said...

Wow - I love your photo of the dandelion clock!

Textureknit said...

I 100% agree that knitting/crotchet helps massively with relaxation. I have to do either everyday or I do get down. I was told on Sunday that it was a "family day" which ment no phone (for facebook/ravelry lookup) and no crafting. It was very hard and thankfully I was let off 2 hours early to crotchet.

But given the choice of give up chocolate (I love) or craft chocolate would go everytime.

Love the pic's too. My mum is from Holyhead so I love Wales and wish I could go/live their more.


Amy said...

Wow...that's some pretty impressive knitting! Me, I can only knit a dishcloth....I definitely lean more toward crochet! And I LOVE that pic of the danelion....amazimg!

Sarah Jones said...

Love the knitting link with Doctor Who.

Gumbo Lily said...

Dr. Who is my kids' favorite show right now (and we're Americans). Love the knitting AND the flower pics are especially nice.