Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Trefriw Woollen Mills - A Daytrip

Trefriw, I discovered today, is an absolute marvy place.  The bus journey between there and here is brilliantly scenic - lots of rolling hills and dappled forests and grazing sheep.  No pictures of that I'm afraid, so I'll make up for it by bombarding you with others I took today ;)

But of course, you're here for the wool not the flowers!  ;)

Trefriw Woollen Mills are amazing.  Honestly.  A fully working mill, they're completely open to the public to wander round and see the process of tapestry making from raw wool to carding and winding and weaving.

I was particularly fascinated by the spinning mules, since they were invented by Samuel Crompton in my hometown of Bolton.  More-or-less all of my primary school years were spent learning about how the Industrial Revolution wouldn't have been possible without ol' Sam C.  That's probably not entirely accurate, but it was amazing to think that a lot of my ancestors - right up until my grandmother's generation - would have been working in mills like this one on exactly the same machines.  It was spellbinding to see (and hear!!) them in action :)  Have you ever seen the programme "who do you think you are"?  It felt a bit like that, but if I was Welsh and not Northern...

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures inside the mill, as I wasn't sure how permissible that was, but I couldn't resist taking this one:

Oh crikey!!  Just LOOK at all those cones of pure wool, spun right there in the same room.  I got quite giddy just at the sight of it all!

And if I thought that was exciting, boy was I happy when I got to the shop!  I really wanted a traditional bedspread (they are seriously gorgeous, but they are also seriously pricey so I'll have to save up).  I settled myself with some wool instead...

And I already have plans :D  I think it'll be perfect for a new pattern I've been contemplating.  More on that to come soon!

I hope that your day has been as happy :)  And if you do get chance to visit Trefriw, I really really recommend it!

Kim x


Wendy said...

Looks like a fab day trip (though surely it wasn't a day trip from Bolton??). I grew up in Nottingham, near Richard Arkwright's mill in Cromford and we learnt that he was the father of spinning! Always a focus on the locals, eh?

Kim said...

Lol Wendy your comment made me laugh. I live in North Wales now, so it was only a small-ish trip!

Kim x