Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Psycho Delia

Oh dear.  Blog week didn't go all according to plan here at eggbird did it?  I'm quite sad I missed out, but these things happen.  I wasn't feeling too great last week, and lost interest in a lot of things that I usually enjoy - blogging seemed to be the worst hit.  Sod's law really, but happily I can report feeling much more enthused now and normal service should be resumed forthwith!

The squares you see at the top there are the starting blocks of my new BIG project, which I'm pretty excited about.  But first, I'd like to share a story.

You are of course all aware of the terrible tragedy which happened in Japan.  A couple of weeks ago, a group of Japanese students in Bangor started fundraising for the Red Cross.  They did a really amazing job, and raised an incredible amount.  As part of their efforts, they organised a cultural day: an event to promote Japanese culture which would also raise funds to send to the Red Cross.  My friend Yuka asked if I would like to be involved by crocheting things for people to buy.  Since I only had a couple of days, I needed something quick and simple, so I made some Pretty Little Petals (you can find the tutorial in the sidebar) in the colours of the Japanese flag

We asked only for a small donation for the flowers, but people were incredibly generous.  It was a fantastic day, with so much love and support for the people of Japan and for the Japanese students in Bangor.

And then on the way home from evening service on Sunday, we were approached by a friend of a friend of a friend, who from nowhere asked "are you the girl who makes the flowers?"  That was a strange feeling I can tell you!!  Such a strange coincidence, but it really lifted my spirits when I'd been in need of them lifting.  And now I have another Japan flower made which will be passed via friend via friend via friend to someone I don't know.  Awesome!  Just goes to show that kindness and love is always returned somehow or other when you most need it :)


Psycho Delia - or Granny P. Delia - is finally making progress.  I had so many false starts, I uhm-ed and ah-ed about colour combos (hence the psychedelic reference in the project title), I very nearly gave in and sold off the Stylecraft via Rav (madness I know!!).  But then I looked again at Lucy's Sweet Flower Blanket from which I'm drawing my inspiration, and decided to just GO FOR IT!  Hurray for Lucy, eh?!

Even though I'm joining-as-I-go, the amount of ends already trailing about is really rather frightning!  Good thing I can ignore those for a while then!!

Anyway, I'm very glad to be back in blog-world - now all that's left is to catch up on all of your marvy posts that have stacked up in my reader!

Much love,
Kim x


Wendy said...

Well done on the money raising, I'm not surprised the flowers sold, they look great in red and white. I do have a tip for your regarding the blanket - don't leave all the ends until you've finished, you'll want to ditch the project! Make yourself do an hour of end weaving every other day (or something acheivable and which makes a dent in them), you wont regret it!

Inthesky said...

Your blanket looks fantastic, so beautiful. I agree with Wendy on the old end sewing in advice! How lovely to be known as 'The Girl Who Makes Flowers' it sounds like the title of a book to me. :)

Tickety-boo said...

Lovely little flowers! I can totaly get that feeling about "are you the girl who makes the flowers?" I got a PM on Ravelry from a follower of my blog asking about yarn I'd used so she could make "Gilly socks" I was over the moon :o)
Loving the blanket but have to agree with the two comments above leaving the ends is never a good thing!!! I nearly cried when I made my first blanket and had to sew in all the ends when it was done :( . Have never made that mistake again! But everyone is different and you know yourself best, do what's right for you.