Friday, 12 August 2011

Sort of Spinning!

Eeeh by 'eck it's been hot hot HOT in Portugal!
Too hot to think ("Hmm, where did I put that new pattern I wrote down??")
Too hot to knit ("A SCARF!  What was I thinking?*) [*see above, I wasn't]
Just about hot enough to feel like doing nothing very much at all.

But I think you and I both know - the heat can't stop a true yarn addict (just look at how my addiction even invades a quiet game of scrabble!)  To play with yarn is so soothing, so play with yarn I did.  I've done none of the things I'd planned to do.  I'm happy to have followed a merry little path of discovery instead!

Do you remember many moons ago, I Decided-with-a-capital-D that I was going to Learn to Spin?  And then I said nothing more about it?  Well, that's because it all unravelled.  Literally and figuratively.  No matter how hard I tried, how tightly I tied my knots, the spin in my wool just wanted out.

But ooooh, don't you just LOVE it when you stumble across a solution?!  I can't remember where I read it, or who wrote it (I suspect Ravelry played a big part) but suddenly there was a solution.  A big shiny one!

Apparently, soaking your handspun in water for a bit and leaving to drip dry will set the spin into the yarn...  fandabidozee!  A perfect answer to my spinning problems.  So last night, I set about with the spindle and the merino and a big bowl of water.  And look what happened!

Ta-daaaaaah!!  :D

Of course it's far from perfect, but there's definitely still  S P I N  in there.  :D   And as far as I can tell, from here on in it's just a process of refining my techniques. 

And funny I should say that, because the lovely Sara at Tangled Happy is writing a step-by-step guide to spinning with a top-whorl spindle.  Talk about perfect timing!

Much love,


nicole said...

Oooh you should check out Crochet with Raymond - Alice has recently gotten into spinning and although it's a new thing she's really good! I can't remember if she gave any tips, but the photos are amazing :-)

Inthesky said...

Lovely singles :)

Sara said...

Hi Kim. So happy you found a solution! Because I'm a beginner too I tend to add extra twist to my yarn knowing that it will relax a bit when taken off the spindle. And then of coarse soak the yarn to set the twist. The end result is quite amazing. I think your yarn looks perfect! Any plans on what to make with your newly spun yarn? Looking forward to sharing lots more about this a Tangled Happy. Wishing you a happy Sunday. :)