Thursday, 20 January 2011

Baby Rico's Granny

A surly postman knocked on the door this morn and handed me a parcel. I had a little squish of the bag and giggled. The surly postman got back into his van, mumbling. I giggled again. The Rico Baby is here!!

Admittedly, some Patons Diploma Gold and some Sidar Snuggly have snuck their way into that picture.  That's because I got overexcited about starting my granny stripe, and just had to do something.  Pretty sure you all know the feeling... 

(Although I would like to say that this time the urge to start wasn't even my fault.  It was Lucy's ...  Her blog is full to the brim with inspiration.  Look here at her granny stripe - how could I possibly resist?!)

And so, while I was ever so patiently waiting for my "main" yarn to arrive, I did a teensy, tiny, ever-so-small, little bit of hooking with the Patons, and here is what I have to show for it:

I love it already.  And the best part is that the shop I ordered from had run out of a couple of colours so there's even more on their way!  What a brilliant start to the day!  :D

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